1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Rose Mukamasabo

Testimony content:

Rose Mukamasabo, a girl from Kabareshya Cellule, Kirwa Sector of Commune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture, begins her testimony describing how the RPF Inkotanyi attacked Rwanda on October 1, 1990 and the reasons for the attack. She explains social relations between Tutsi, Twa, and Hutu before the genocide and how schools became tools of discrimination. Her home area was first attacked on April 20, 1994. Tutsi were forced to undress, their homes set on fire, then many were killed. Rose fled to the offices of Commune Masango and on the way, but on route all of her belonging were stolen. Together with other refugees, she moved to Byimana. However, because Byimana was over-crowded with displaced persons, Rose's group continued to Kabgayi. At Kabgayi, the Interahamwe would round up busloads of people and execute them. After one and a half months on the run, the FPR Inkotanyi saved her and other refugees and took then to Ruhango. The refugees stayed there a short time, were moved to Bugesera for 3 months then taken to Matongo. She completes her testimony by encouraging unity and reconciliation among people in Rwanda, but understands the need for justice to be done. Rose worried about how Gacaca courts would operate and the need to address the welfare of genocide survivors.

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Handwritten testimony by a female secondary school student from Kabareshya Cell, Kirwa Sector of Masango Commune in Gitarama Prefecture describing her experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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