USF Libraries and National University of Rwanda Sign an MOU for Hosting Journals

University of South Florida Libraries through the USF Holocaust and Genocide Studies Genocide Center (HGSC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to host on an open access basis, two journals that are currently being published in print form by National University of Rwanda’s Centre for Conflict Management. The two journals are: Journal of African Conflicts and Peace Studies; and the Peace and Conflict Management Review. Despite Rwanda and Burundi having gone through genocide and instances of crimes against humanity, intellectual output of genocide scholars in the African Great Lakes Region has remained invisible at the international level and also at the local level yet these researchers bring unique perspectives to the study and discourse on genocide, trauma, peace, genocide education, reconciliation and post-genocide society. Hosting these journals will thus greatly enhance visibility of research on genocide in the region and is also likely to spur more new research in aspects of genocide that have least been explored. Hosting the journals is the first step in creating partnership between National University of Rwanda and University of South Florida. Other foreseeable areas of partnership that are being explored include USF Holocaust Studies Center closely working with National University of Rwanda’s Center for Conflict Management to stimulate more joint research venture between genocide scholars in the two mother institutions; and working closely with each other to collect and preserve oral histories about the Rwandan genocide so that future generations can learn from them and for teachers to be in a position to adapt and use them in their lessons.