1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Athanase Akumuntu

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Athanase Akumuntu, a boy from Buhanda Cellule, Nyakogo Sector and Commune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture, describes how Tutsi, Twa, and Hutu lived in peace before the 1994 genocide and how teachers inculcated the concept of discrimination against the Tutsi. Cellulle Buhanda was attacked a week after the plane carrying Rwanda's president was shot down. Displaced persons from Kibuye Prefecture started passing through Cellule Buhanda during the second week, seeking refuge in Kabgayi. In Rusizi, perpetrators stole Tutsi cows and feasted on them. Athanase tells that the Bourgumestre of Commune Masango organized civilians to attack Tutsi. Two of Athanase's paternal uncles were killed and other Tutsi were drowned in River Nyabarongo. Upon being informed that their home would be attacked, Athanase and his family fled and had to split up and seek refuge in different homes. In one place he hid, most of the Tutsi had been killed, so people thought he was Hutu. Athanase's two sisters were captured by the Interahamwe and taken to Rusizi to be killed. He gave them 5000 FRW to release sisters, but the girls were killed anyway. He goes on to describe the challenges he faced while trying to escape.

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Handwritten testimony by a male secondary school student from Buhanda Cell, Nyakogo Sector of Masango Commune in Gitarama Prefecture describing his experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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