1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Innocent Kananura

Testimony content:

Innocent Kananura, a boy from Kabirizi Cellule, Nyakogo Sector, Commune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture, describes how the Impuzamugambi came from Kibuye Prefecture to attack people in Nyakogo on April 20, 1994. On arrival in Nyakogo, the group stole or slaughtered the Tutsi livestock. He escaped with other Tutsi, hiding behind boulders, and with his brother sought refuge in Mukingi Commune where they were reunited with their family after a week on the run. Shortly after, Mukingi was attacked by the Interahamwe and hid on a nearby farm before joining other refugees going to Kabgayi. They were captured by the Interahamwe and forced to pay money or be killed. Some of the captives were stripped, but a few of the militia men were sympathetic and returned clothes to some of the people. The Rwanda army then rounded up all of the people in hiding and held them hostage for a couple of days. Upon learning that the French army was visiting that commune, they let the people go unharmed. Most of hostages fled to Bugesera where they were attacked with machine guns by the Interahamwe. During this attack, most of the people that Innocent had fled with were killed.

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Handwritten testimony by a male secondary school student from Kabirizi Cell, Nyakogo Sector of Masango Commune in Gitarama Prefecture describing his experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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