1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Evariste Habimana

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Evariste Habimana, a boy from Cellule Kanyinya, Rwoga Sector of Commune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture, explains that he had remained with his class at boarding school when the genocide began, even though most of the school was on an end of term recess. The students saw civilian gangs outside of the school compound torching homes belonging to Tutsi; the gangs were armed with spears, clubs, machetes, and stones. While still hiding in the school, students contracted cholera and one of them died. Army men arrive in the school and wanted to kill the 35 Tutsi students hiding there, but the principal and other Hutu students refused. In May 1994, Evariste escaped from the school with nine other Tutsi boys and two girls, all of whom sought refuge in a school in Cyanika. The principal of E.A.V. Kaduha brought a vehicle and took his twelve students back to school and hid them. They were taken to E.S.I. Kiduha where the French army came and took them to a camp of genocide survivors at Murambi in Gikongoro on June 20, 1994.  Evariste left the camp on June 26, 1994, and he joined Inkotanyi in Butare where he became an RPF soldier until December 25, 1995.

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Handwritten testimony by a male secondary school student from Cellule Kanyinya, Rwoga Sector ofCommune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture describing his experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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