1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Sixbert Bizimana

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Sixbert Bizimana, a boy from Kamusenye Sector of Commune Mukingi in Gitarama Prefecture, describes how Tutsi homes were burnt or destroyed, property was looted, and livestock were slaughtered and feasted on. Some perpetrators went to the extent of dividing up land belonging to Tutsi to share among themselves. By May 1994, killing had intensified and Sixbert escaped with the rest of his family to his maternal uncle's home in Commune Tambwe, however each took a different route to avoid the entire family being exterminated. He tells that there was one killing field at Muhazi. Some Tutsi were killed and thrown in pits. Others were thrown in pits alive and stoned to death. Sixbert managed to escape to Kabgayi together with her mother who had just had a baby. Disease, hunger, and death were prevalent at Kabgayi and on June 2, 1994 the RPF Inkotanyi liberated Kabgayi and took the survivors to Ririma.

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Handwritten testimony by a male secondary school student from Kamusenye Sector of Commune Mukingi in Gitarama Prefecture describing his experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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