1994 Rwandan genocide testimony by Betsuda Benegusenga

Testimony content:

Betsuda Benegusenga, a girl from Kabucuzi Cellule, Rukina Sector, and Commune Masango in Gitarama Prefecture, describes how she escaped with her brother to a maternal aunt's home only to find the home razed. The perpetrators, including government military, primarily targeted male Tutsi and the 7-year old boy was captured, thrown in a pit, and killed. Her father tried to protect his livestock, but they were stolen and the gang then stoned him. Bentsuda describes how some of her relatives were killed and persons who killed them although she does not know how and where her father was killed. A Good Samaritan saved her life by hiding her before taking her to Kabgayi where other displaced persons were staying and where she was reunited with her mother and one of her siblings. They went without food and water for days. While fetching water, some children were abducted and killed. Kabgayi was later attacked by gunmen and many refugees were killed. On June 2, 1994, RPF Inkontanyi rescued the refugees at Kabgayi and took them to Bugesera. On the way to Bugesera, her brother contracted cholera, which killed several people including her two maternal aunts. With her mother, she set up camp at Matongo where they built a small house. At the time of her testimony, her mother was crippled and Bentsuda had two younger brothers to care for.

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Handwritten testimony by a female secondary school student from Kabacuzi Cell, Rukina Sector of Masango Commune in Gitarama Prefecture describing her experiences during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

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